About Awakening Dialogues

Here you will find awakening people exploring topics related to spiritual awakening and its integration in daily life. In particular we are interested in the significance of such shifts in consciousness in the context of  human evolution and co-creating a new earth.

We hope these open-minded, open-hearted conversations on spiritual expansion will serve your own. We place emphasis on individual experience ahead of ideas or dogma. We hope to reveal how it is rather than how we think it is, how we think it should be, or how someone else says it is!

No set questions, no interviewer or interviewee, no agenda but to be a portal for Truth.

We hope these dialogues gift fresh insight and catalyse your own awakening.

Dialogues begin from the premise we are all a work in progress, perfect being, and at once becoming – not models eligible for a degree at the university of perfection. Although awakening closes doors, it does not rob us of our humanity. On the contrary it represents a fuller flowering. We hope that the content on these pages may show you just how beautiful that is and consequently, how beautiful you are.

Will, Elizabeth and Paul

Awakening dialogues for awakening people