Jan Frazier

jan-frazier50 years into a life of striving, disappointment, and fear, Jan Frazier experienced a radical transformation of consciousness in 2003. Resistance and grasping fell away from her, immersing her in a state of causeless joy that has never left. While she continued her life as a writer, writing teacher, and mother, she discovered it is possible to live a richly human life free of suffering. Her wish now is to communicate the truth that within every person is a pool of calm well-being that waits patiently to be recognized.

Since the publication of her first book in 2007, When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening, Jan has been a teacher and individual support to others longing to know their true selves. Her other books are The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is, The Great Sweetening: Life After Thought, and Opening the Door: Jan Frazier Teachings on Awakening.

Her website, www.JanFrazierTeachings.com, is filled with audio, video, and written teachings. Jan can be reached at info@janfrazierteachings.com.