Karen Richards

Karen Richards
In February 2008 following a long period of psychological suffering, Karen experienced a sudden and radical awakening.

This recognition appeared to have permanent effect on how life was seen and experienced from that moment on. Dedication to Truth it seems, requires on-going inquiry into divisive ways of seeing and being and Karen made a full commitment to surrender to this apparent process. That commitment and the apparent seeing and unravelling of unconscious tendencies continues to this day. 

About 3 years after the initial recognition, Karen was inspired to start to share her experience of Truth on social media and from there, invitations from around the world to share with groups and individuals interested in self-enquiry started to unfold.

As a consequence of these invitations, Karen is available as a mentor, supporting individuals and groups with self-inquiry.  She has a deep passion for living Truth, for supporting others that share that commitment and promotes independence in conscious living.


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