Awakening Dialogues is a labor of love that arose from friendship between Will Pye and Michiel Mussies. Michiel helped Will with his website In their conversations they explored their experiences and interest in spiritual awakening.

Noticing many of these dialogues were beautiful was the genesis of building a platform to share spontaneous enlightening conversation to support people in their awakening.

Since then Paul McGillivray from Meeting Truth has taken over website management with Elizabeth Jackson contributing to recording and editing dialogues.

mS-will« Will Pye is a social entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, coach and speaker. He is founder of Love and Truth Party and author of ‘Blessed With A Brain Tumor’.


« Paul McGillivray is the co-founder and Technical Director of both Meeting Truth and Remote New Media. He enjoys channeling his passion for technology into supporting the awakening of the global community.

Elizabeth Jackson

« Elizabeth Jackson is a Documentary Filmmaker, based in California

Awakening dialogues for awakening people